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A great headboard can transform the look and feel of your bedroom. As the focal point, it has the ability to change the tone of a space almost immediately. While you’ll shop various styles at a furniture company, you also have the option of experimenting with a little DIY.

It’s time to break out your creative flair! You turn your headboard into a conversation piece with old shutters, upholstered panels or tile. Whether you’re looking to elevate your room, make it cozier or incorporate splashes of color, here are six headboard ideas perfect for Tulsa apartments.

Image courtesy of    Candice Olson and HGTV   .

Image courtesy of Candice Olson and HGTV.

 1. Built-In Shelving

This bedroom may appear minimalist at first glance, but the headboard is anything but simple. The designer used three wood panels to draw in the eye and create depth. The shelves serve as nightstands while serving as a display to vases and other art pieces.


Image courtesy of    Baylor Anne Bone and HGTV   .

Image courtesy of Baylor Anne Bone and HGTV.

2. Dressing Screen

There’s something stately yet mysterious about vintage dressing screens. You can find them at antique markets and stores like Wayfair or Target. Whether it’s custom made or purchased, a dressing screen (also known as an indoor room divider) is a unique way to transform the look of your bedroom.

In this particular shot, the designer uses a wooden screen with an eye-catching metallic finish to add dimension and texture to the neutral palette of the bedding.


Image courtesy of    Elizabeth Brownrigg and HGTV   .

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Brownrigg and HGTV.

3. Storage Blocks

If you’re short on space, utilizing storage blocks is a great way to organize and house your belongings. Here, the designer has gathered several boxes and displayed them in a way that creates a grid-like structure across two walls.

Here, you can see the books, framed photos and collectibles on display while the grid also serves as a backdrop to an otherwise plain beige wall.


Image courtesy of    Andreas Charalambous and HGTV   .

Image courtesy of Andreas Charalambous and HGTV.

4. Canvas Painting

A picture is worth a thousand words and a painting is worth millions. You don’t need to rob Smithsonian to display art of your own. We love how this designer used a large abstract painting to create drama in the space.

If you choose to do this at home, remember to hang the painting high enough so the pillows won’t rest against the canvas (especially if it’s one you made yourself). Even if it’s dry to the touch, the painting can rub off fabrics over time.


Image courtesy of    Kim Myles and HGTV   .

Image courtesy of Kim Myles and HGTV.

5. Canopy

We’ve seen this technique used in various home catalogs (and Pinterest boards). To create this look, extend your headboard with a fabric canopy to transform your bedroom into a dreamy getaway. This particular designer used neutral fabrics with striped accents to contrast with the walls.

Click here to learn how you can achieve the look on your own. You’ll also see this being done with popular brands like Ikea, West Elm and Pottery Barn.


Ready to Put Your DIY Skills to the Test?

These are just a few of many ways you can transform a headboard into a statement piece. From wood blocks to old shutters and upholstered panels, here are 30+ ways you can bring life to your bedroom with a little DIY.

We hope you enjoyed this creative piece! If you have other ideas on decorating Tulsa apartments, we’d love for you to share them with us in the comments below. If you’d like to schedule a tour of one of our Tulsa properties, we invite you to reach out to one of our two properties today!


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