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Where peers become friends, and friends become family.

We believe the quality of life is all about balance. We also believe that if you treat people right, good things will follow.

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine putting together such an amazing group of people. To be honest, our employees are more than people – they’re the heart and soul of this company.

We make it a point to take care of our own. And in doing so, we offer fantastic benefits you won’t often find with other property management companies.

Some of the employee perks we offer include:

  • Medical Insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma)
  • Paid Time Off (Sick Time and Vacation Accrual)
  • Paid Holidays
  • 401K Savings Plan
  • Bonus Programs
  • Community Projects
  • Company Events/Gathers/Games
  • Employee Points and Merch Store

As an Oklahoma-based company, we pride ourselves on our homegrown values and commitment to our team. Click below to apply now and join a company that treats you like family!


Nichole DillNorthstar Employee

Great working atmosphere, and management, plus good
benefits. Don't feel like another employee. You feel valued.

Melissa LuinstraNorthstar Employee

I would tell them to work for Northstar because they
actually care about their employees. They invest in their employees and truly want to
see them succeed and grow.

Tammie CaporalNorthstar Employee

Because it is a great company! They care about their

Laurie DeshotelNorthstar Employee

Because Northstar is a really great company! It supports its
employees and encourages them to grow and gives them the tools to do so. We have a
positive culture and foster goodwill and friendship and this spills over to our
management of the properties and interactions with our residents. Issues on the
properties are not ignored and we have a great support system!

Kassie StevensNorthstar Employee

Because I love leadership. It’s the leadership and the sense
of family across the teams. The property can kick your rear end, but I love the fact that I
always have someone (you) backing me up.

Marisela BonillaNorthstar Employee

for me, it's a great company to work for they treat
employees like family and the company is very understanding when it comes to a kid's
football game a family event or even a personal day for me this company has been the
best so far me as a mom of 5 kids and had to rush out of work because your child had
an asthma attack at school and the company was very understanding is a big plus for
me this company cares for their employees one of our core value is do more with less
and NorthStar does more not all bad reviews are true

Amber KingNorthstar Employee

Because we are a growing, progressive company and I am
super impressed with the support we receive and how forward-thinking we are. I don't
feel like the 'babysitter' of an asset, I feel like a valuable team member who has input. I
also appreciate the opportunities for professional development. Northstar invests in its
employees and I love that.

Georganna BellNorthstar Employee

because it's an amazing company that actually cares about
its employees. I give my personal example of coming from an international corporation
where I was a number to coming here and the owners and upper management know
me by name. I always impress that it's also a local company cause supporting local
businesses is important to me. I also tell about how supportive Northstar was when my
husband was actively going through cancer treatments and was having to be
hospitalized for like 10 days at a time and me needing to take time for that. And that
we're actually all a big team, not just prop vs prop, maintenance vs office

Emilee MorrisNorthstar Employee

Northstar has taken very good care of me as an employee and
our residents.

Jenna GatzenNorthstar Employee

I love Northstar for believing in honesty, integrity, and family
values. I also always feel supported which can be rare in the workplace. Love my
people and the benefits are great! I'll add in that our meetings to have these nice
personal touches and we can laugh as much as learning.

Traci GoldNorthstar Employee

Good Benefits and great PTO policy, all my friends are jealous of
our PTO policy especially

Carlyn PhillipsNorthstar Employee

I really love that we get to know the higher-level
management and our President. It's a better working atmosphere when everyone knows
each other. We have great support and we are treated like we are people and not just

Evan KosbauNorthstar Employee

Personally I love it here, People I haven't seen in forever ask what I do
and I spend more time bragging about NorthStar than I do talking about my job. I love
how supportive and communicative it is, we all work together pretty well I think.
Management and upper Management are always keeping people in the loop and are
never hard

LarryNorthstar Employees

Great people to work for fair wages and outstanding benefits!

BrandonNorthstar Employee

Because it’s a great company! We are not only co-workers we are a family!
We promote within the company! The list goes on and on!

RobertNorthstar Employee

I would tell someone Northstar is an excellent company with great benefits and
they care for their employees above and beyond other companies! And leadership is
beyond helpful and great!

ChadNorthstar Employee

It’s not just a job it’s a career. It’s a fun work environment, and it has good pay
and great benefits. We promote from within and last but not least we have amazing
leadership! This company cares about the individual person and not the individual

GentryNorthstar Employee

I would say because the company has always been in a positive direction and
constantly improving our work life meanwhile it comes with great benefits. Plus it feels
like a family even during these crazy times.

BillyNorthstar Employee

Easy! I would recommend anyone to work here, but I especially would recommend
entry-level people that are looking to learn something they can become good at. I think
the “New Northstar” has plenty to offer and it really is what you make it at Northstar you
just have to work for what you want. Although Maintenance alone is a nasty demanding
job, you learn plenty of life skills that you can’t put an hourly wage on, and skills you can
use for the rest of your life also with our employees you can learn something new every

PernellNorthstar Employee

Because it’s a great place to work and all the staff that I have met has been
awesome. Everyone is kind and respectful to each other and yes we do have some fun
throughout the day. Love working here. So far the best company I have ever worked for.
Love it.