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Smart Apartment

Are you an early adopter of all things technology? Good news, you don’t have to buy a fancy house to have the best gadgets for making your life easier. Even better news, it’s not too expensive to have smart technology in your apartment.

All of these devices range between $100 and $300 (not including the smart TV but we list an affordable alternative).

Amazon Echo


1. Amazon Alexa & Echo: Personal Assistant at Your Service

Alexa is one of the newest innovations by Amazon, and it is designed to be somewhat like a smart house hub. By connecting your Phillips Hue lights, your TV and other devices in your Norman apartment, you can quickly transform a traditional apartment into something of the future.

From setting the alarm to ordering groceries, Alexa can streamline regular home tasks. You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, a shopping list and a weather alert system. You can also ask Alexa to make a phone call for you or set a reminder for later.

If you’re bored or just want to show off how smart your Norman apartment is, then just ask Alexa “what’s on your mind.” You won’t be disappointed.



2. Nest: Your Eye in the Sky  & A Learning Thermostat

Nest Labs produces a variety of smart tech for your Norman apartment from security cameras to thermostats.

The smart thermostat will turn itself off or down when your away from the home. It comes with its own app, which means you can control the temperature from anywhere. There is a learning option as well, which means it will adjust itself according to your preferences. The biggest benefit is it can save you money on your utility bill.


The security camera offers 24/7 live video, 3-hour snapshot history, night vision, and push notifications if it senses movement or noise when you’re away from your home. It also has a speaker (so you can yell no at your dog when he starts chewing on your favorite throw pillow).


Nest also offers a video doorbell. Just like the security camera, you can access live video from anywhere when you’re logged into your account or through the app. It’s perfect when you’re waiting on a package or a repairman.


You can also find alarms, door locks and smoke detectors made by Nest, all of which have some SMART tech features.



3. Apple or Samsung TV

Smart TVs are a great feature in any Norman apartment like Apple TV or Samsung TV.  They often offer access to Netflix, Hulu and other subscription services straight from the TV rather than having to connect a laptop or other device.


Quick Hack: Chromecast is a cheaper way to have smart TV features on a “traditional” tv.

Smart coffee


4. Coffee on Demand

Now your favorite brew can be ready before your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning. These wifi-connected devices allow you to schedule a cup of joe the night before. With app connectivity, you can choose the coffee strength and start the coffee maker from any room in the house.


Some apps allow you to choose how fast it brews and whether or not you need the pot on for an extra 30 minutes or longer. Sometimes, the coffee maker app will send you a push notification right when it’s ready.



5. Smart Vacuum Does the Work for You

You really should vacuum daily if you want your rug to last its expected lifetime. But seriously, who has time for that?


Smart vacuums are changing the way families complete their daily chores. Much like the coffee maker, these come with special apps that allow you to schedule cleanings, turn it on or off, and some even have cameras so you can check on your pets during the day to see what kind of mischief they could be causing.

Smart Fridge


6. Smart Refrigerator

Most apartments will supply a refrigerator, so it’s typically not something you’ll need to buy. However, with a few small tweaks, you can turn your old ice box into a functional smart feature in your kitchen.


Some of the coolest features of a smart refrigerator is automatic grocery ordering. If you’re lucky enough to live in a town with an Amazon Fresh (Norman is not one of them), you can use an Amazon Dash to either scan barcodes to reorder goods or simply say the product into the device. (Alexa can also do this chore for you).


For about $10, you can use an OXO Crisper Filter to help keep your fresh fruits and vegetables fresh for longer, just like a smart refrigerator.


The most obvious feature of a smart refrigerator is the functional screen that can access the internet on one of the doors. You could use some magnets and a small tablet to create similar features like playing the newest Tasty recipe or ordering supplies.


If you’re looking for a new home in Norman, we have plenty of beautiful apartments to choose from in the community including:



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